Hopico Global Enterprises, producer and distributor of quality battery cages and poultry materials is located at 15, Mustapha Hassan Avenue, off Isuti road, Egan Igando, Lagos State, with a strong capability to deliver services to any part of the country.

Our products, which are proudly made-in-Nigeria, are of different capacities of 120 birds per unit, 90/96 birds per unit, and so on, with specially made stands that can fit your space,

We have worked with, and for many notable farms across the nation. No doubt, our integrity over the years has won us the trust of many satisfied clients who are happy they patronized us in the course of setting up their poultry or carrying out the maintenance thereof.

We also understand the capital-intensive nature of setting up a poultry. Hence, the following payment styles have been adopted for the convenience of our customers:

  1. Payment on delivery after the agreement form of the company has been signed by both parties.
  2. Contractual basis of installment payment with an initial payment of 50% and subsequent payments as agreed.
  3. Instant payment and delivery.

The 90/96birds capacity is for #65,000/unit
The 120birds capacity is for #85,000/unit

A unit of our battery cage comprises the following:

  • 6 baskets
  • Nipples
  • Feeders
  • Medication tank and stands
  • 20mm iron rod stands
  • Green coated galvanized wire for durability purpose.

Note: Transportation and installation costs are not included in the price, simply due to the reason of proximity, as locations and distances may differ. So, this is treated on a case by case basis.

However, all prices are negotiable.

You can pay directly into the company's bank account. See details below:




Patronize us today and experience the quality of our products and services as we make the best homes for your birds...

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